As a recruiter, Ramsay offers one on one training, coaching and interview prep for high school seniors and college students, professionals and freelancers. She gives direct personalized feedback and helps professionals develop their personal brand to take their career to the next level or enable them to get their next opportunity.


"It has been absolutely wonderful working with Ramsay. She is brilliant when it comes to pairing you with a role that aligns with you. She assures that both parties are happy and that everything goes as smoothly as possible. It is always a pleasure when receiving a call from Ramsay. Thank you, Ramsay. You Rock!"

- Melissa, Candidate

"Ramsay, my recruiter, is a Rock Star!!! I found her extremely easy to talk to, and she really understood where I wanted to take my career. I felt that she actually listened, cared, and wanted to make sure I was placed in a position that benefited not just their client, but benefited me, as well."

- Deanna, Candidate